2017 | Eline Groeneweg-Bhatt

in collaboration with Kirit Chitara, mata-ni-pachedi artisan (IN)


Part of the exhibition

Chintz: Cotton in Bloom / Sits: Katoen in Bloei

Fashion & Textile Museum London (UK)

18 May - 12 Sep 2021

Fries Museum Leeuwarden (NL)

11 Mar - 10 Sep 2017

Commissioned by

Textielfactorij / Fries Museum 




Handpainted / natural dye


65 x 145 cm


Adarsh Moda, Ishan Sapru, Arvind Ravi

Duration: 3 min. 10 sec.


Courtesy of Fashion and Textile Museum, London 

Abstract patterned flowers

T1982-163 Revisited comprises two pieces. In the first my visual research is manifested as an animation (shown below). In the second (shown above) I created a new work in collaboration with Mata ni Pachedi artisan Kirit Chitara

I became fascinated by the detailing on two pieces of chintz in the Museum of Friesland’s collection: a fragment with a ‘Japanese’ motif (T1982-163) and a morning gown. The pieces, created in the 18th century, feature highly detailed motifs of pine branches and Prunus blossom. The blossoms of the morning gown especially intrigued me. They are packed with monochrome graphic patterns, appear timeless and in contrast with the colourful floral background.

I decided to reconstruct the complex motifs in India to reveal the exotic origins. I was curious to find out if the patterns, which were inspired by Japanese motifs and designed for the Dutch market, contain additional Indian influences. Kirit thought something was missing and (re-)introduced:

a flying angel, lots of fishes, a few crocodiles, a peacock and a smiling goddess.