Collage plays an important part in my work. For me, it is a way to explore the space between the known and the strange, for manifold differences to coexist.


Collage by its very definition implies a combination of things that are different from one another. My practice is informed by multiple, often juxtaposed, realities that I observe in my surroundings (from monsoon rain and desert sand to pastel coloured broken pieces of demolished houses and billboards selling dreams of living in paradise).


I visualise my observations in an abstract form. Here, I often follow a piece-by-piece construction similar to patchwork and interlace strips of paper as in weaving. Together the pieced and woven fragments take on a new form, representing a diversity of perspectives that can be seen as aspects of just one world. 

2020 | Collages + Texts

This series is based on my rooftop walk observations during lockdown in India.